Amelia Briggs



Fever Dream, Fiber, silk, latex, and oil, 35 x 23 x 2.50 in, $3,000

Medallion, Fiber, silk, latex, and oil,
31 x 24 x 2.50 in, $2,800

Gracious, Fiber, silk, latex, and oil,
49 x 35 x 3 in, $4,800


I combine theatrical color transitions and textures with undulating shapes associated with natural systems to explore existential questions rooted in the concept of transformation. Like the invented world of a cartoon, I strive to construct pieces that act as a fabrication of reality, blurring the lines between dimensions while maintaining the invented boundaries of our perception. As we age, these “buoys” mark the unseen realities of others, while anchoring us to the comfort of superficial direction.


Amelia Briggs is a multidisciplinary artist working between fiber, painting and installation. Her work has been exhibited internationally and is included in collections in Australia, Sweden, London, France, Canada, South Korea and throughout the US. Briggs’ work has been featured in numerous publications including Artforum, Architectural Digest, Domino Magazine, Wallpaper Magazine, NPR, Surface Magazine, Burnaway, New American Paintings, Contemporary Art
Review LA and ArtMaze Magazine among others.

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