The Spa at Bobby

Passport to Wellness

Experience full body wellness with The Spa at Bobby. With six different offerings using ESPA products, our spa has everything needed to reach peak relaxation. Choose Bobby’s favorite, Inner Calm Massage, to truly nourish the mind & body.

Spa Menu

Inner Calm Relaxation Massage
Revive your body and enliven your spirits with this invigorating massage.
Includes: Full body Swedish massage – scalp massage
60 Minutes: M – Th $120 / F – Sun $132
90 Minutes: M – Th $180 / F – Sun $192

Restorative Massage
Restoration and healing through deeper pressure, adjusted perfectly to your comfort levels.
Includes: Full body firm-pressure treatment– scalp massage
60 Minutes: M – Th $144 / F – Sun $156
90 Minutes: M – Th $216 / F – Sun $228

Fitness + Sport Massage
The ultimate solution to stimulate muscles and optimize your recovery.
Includes: Sports-influenced massage with special blend of select oils – resistance and stretching techniques 
60 Minutes: M – Th $144 / F – Sun $156
90 Minutes: M – Th $216 / F – Sun $228

Prenatal Massage
Specially-tailored to expecting guests, this massage is the ultimate form of self-care.
Includes: Pregnancy-specific, safe massage– Vitamin C scalp mud treatment
60 Minutes: M – Th $162 / F – Sun $174
90 Minutes: M – Th $240 / F – Sun $252

Hot Stone Massage
Heat-induced relaxation through the therapeutic use of hot volcanic stone.
Includes: Targeted massage focusing on areas of concern – scalp massage
90 Minutes: M – Th $228 / F – Sun $240

Exfoliating Leg Scrub + Massage
This 30-minute treatment is perfect combination of targeted leg + foot exfoliation, followed by richly therapeutic leg + foot massage
Includes: Lower leg + foot exfoliation – body massage (Can be added to existing treatment or booked on its own)
30 Minutes: M – Th $66 / F – Sun $76

Focus Work
Built specifically for those with discomfort caused by headache/TMJ
Includes: Tension-taming, focused treatment.
30 Minutes: M – Th $66 / F – Sun $76



*all pricing includes standard 20% service charge

Elevate Your Experience

Unwind tense muscles with the warmth of volcanic hot stones to relieve deep-seated muscle tension.

M – Th $24 / F – Sun $36

Revitalize tired feet and heavy legs with a refreshing foot and leg exfoliation
Includes: Foot and lower leg exfoliation – foot and lower leg massage

M – Th $54 / F – Sun $66

Scheduling an Appointment

Times and services are limited so Bobby books in advance to ensure the perfect spa treatment. A credit card, and a phone call to the front desk is all it takes to reserve your trip towards complete relaxation.

Arrival Time 

Don’t miss out! Bobby is always ready to go, so come 5 minutes early to avoid time reduction and complete the consultation – a necessary step to secure a complete spa treatment.

Age Restrictions 

Bobby, full of experience, still requires patience. The Spa offers treatments to Bobby’s guests 18 years of age or older.

Cancellation Policy 

Punctuality is key to Bobby’s travels. Late arrival will shorten your treatment and a 100% charge will be incurred if it is not cancelled at least 6 hours before scheduled time. Take some advice from Bobby and don’t miss your call time.

Spa Etiquette 

Bobby keeps it simple. To maintain the gregarious attitude, respect Bobby’s guests’ right to privacy and security and leave the phone and camera. The Spa is a smoke-free zone, to guarantee a relaxing and tranquil environment.

Health Conditions 

Bobby has a great interest in people. Advise The Spa staff of any health conditions, allergies, or injuries which could affect a treatment choice, so Bobby can meet up and continue the conversation.


Bobby is honest, but doesn’t like clutter. The responsibility of the lost valuables left at The Spa premises does not land on Bobby.


Waste no time jumping into The Spa attire because Bobby wants you to arrive comfortably. If you prefer to change at The Spa, you will be provided with time to change in the treatment room.

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