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Most Romantic Spots in Nashville

Romance is in the eye of the beholder.

Romance is in the eye of the beholder. With the right person, running errands and walking down the aisle of the grocery store can be an opportunity for quality time, to be fun and silly and gaze into each other’s eyes.

Drawbertson Drippy Lips Mural

Goo Goo Chocolate Co Store

On the flip side, it doesn’t matter how many flowers and violin serenades you have. If you’re with the wrong person, it won’t feel amorous. The Bobby Nashville might not be able to help you find the right person (although, you never know who you’ll meet in the lobby!), but we can help you scope out some of Nashville’s most romantic spots. No matter your budget or what your definition of romance is, you’re sure to find some place special to hang with your sweetie in Music City among these six suggestions.

The Authentique

Many people consider Paris, France the most romantic place on Earth. So, why not head to a little piece of Paris in Nashville? The Authentique is, its name suggests, an authentic French wine bar and creperie in East Nashville. It’s dark and tiny and perfect for a tête-à-tête.

Daddy’s Dogs

It’s a gourmet hot-dog-shop, but Daddy’s Dogs leans into its counter-culture reputation as a place for a romantic date night. They even go all out with a five-course, prix fixe meal on Valentine’s Day. There are several locations across the city.

John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge

Over the last decade, this lit-up walkable bridge that connects East Nashville to downtown has become one of the city’s most recognizable spots. And it’s become one of the most popular places to drop a knee and get engaged with the skyline behind you. A few folks have gotten married on the bridge, too.

Love Circle

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Before hotels (like the Bobby Nashville) had rooftop bars that looked out over the city, people flocked to Love Circle to canoodle in their cars and see the city below. Parking space has become more limited in the following years, but this piece of green space near Vanderbilt University is still a terrific place for a 360-degree views.

Goo Goo Chocolate Co

Over the last decade, t
Anyone can buy a box of chocolates. At the Goo Goo experience downtown, the two of you can make your own custom Goo Goo Clusters, customizing your favorite flavors and ending up with something just for the two of you.

Drippy Lips Mural

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Want a perfect background for a photo of you and your love smooching? Head to Hillsboro Village and take a photo in front of the mural on the side of UAL, designed by Donald “Drawbertson” Robertson.