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It’s the season of lights. Whether they are bulbs on a Christmas tree, a flickering menorah, or Kwanzaa candles, many lights illuminate the season.

If checking out light displays is part of your holiday routine, you’ve come to the right place. Middle Tennessee burns bright this time of year. Here’s a roundup of four of the best places to check out holiday lights when you’re in Nashville.

Dancing Lights of Christmas. Pile into the rental car and drive to suburban Lebanon for a color-and-sound-coordinated drive-thru light extravaganza. For more than 2 miles, you’ll go through tunnels and see dancing trees and swaying candy canes. The tunes are familiar…sort of. Imagine disco and reggae twists on the classics.

Chad’s Winter Wonderland. As you drive through the 14 acres of lights and hand-painted signs, it is hard to imagine that it is the brainchild of one person. But Chad Barnard, by day an appliance repairperson, is a big fan of Christmas, so he works all year to create this illuminated suburban retreat.

Jingle Beat. The city’s Fairgrounds have been transformed into three walkable magical worlds with holiday-themed bars, a full-sized ice-skating rink, a climbable polar parkour park, and an immersive light show, all set to music. The theme of Jingle Beat pays homage to Santa’s magical ability to travel through time and space.

Zoolumination. The Nashville Zoo builds scenes with more than 1,000 silk lanterns. Walk through the displays, including a 200-foot-long dragon. You might even see some of the Zoo’s nocturnal residents admiring the lights with you.