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Artist Profile: Arcy Drive

Arcy Drive

Band members:
Vocalist and guitarist Nick Mateyunas, drummer Brooke Tuozzo, guitarist Austin Jones, and bassist Patrick Helrigel

Rock Music

Bobby Hotel favorites:
Hotel dog and rooftop views

“It was like a backyard show, but on a rooftop.” That’s how Arcy Drive Drummer Brooke Tuozzo describes the band’s gig at the Bobby’s rooftop music series, Backyard Sessions earlier this summer.

The five-month live concert series elevates the backyard experience with free, bi-monthly showcases featuring indie acts from across the musical spectrum. Arcy Drive is a four-person indie rock band that got its start in an attic and then progressed to a shed in Tuozzo’s yard that was, you guessed it, a street called Arcy Drive. Bassist Pat Helrigel describes their sound as “rough around the edges, scratchy alternative rock.”

That kind of genre-fluid sound is exactly what the Bobby is going for with the Backyard Sessions. It’s a chance to hear acts you might otherwise miss and hear songs that you don’t catch a few blocks away on Lower Broad.

“We had never played a rooftop before,” Helrigel says. “It was a good time and good vibes,” he says of their June 2023 show, which was their second gig in Nashville.

“It was kind of secluded and we didn’t really know what to expect until we got there, and we saw the lobby dog,” Tuozzo says. “We went up to a rooftop and it did not feel like a hotel. It felt like a backyard and people who were there were really enjoying the music.”

From the 10-story high rooftop, which features a 1956 Scenicruiser atop the building, the band and audience both can see out at Nashville’s skyline and Nissan Stadium, home of the Tennessee Titans. “I thought it was awesome after nightfall. There were awesome night views,” Helrigel says.