Lanie Gannon

Nashville, TN


String Theory, 2021, Hand cut paper, acrylic, and brads, 126 x 72 x 4 in., $9000


A pair of scissors is a drawing tool. Cutting a line, like a road map on the surface of paper releases shapes that can be fastened, linked, and connected into a structure that becomes a foundation on which to build. Paper lends itself to improvisation; it can be so delicate that it retains the imprint of memory, and so strong and versatile its materiality exists in a place between fabric and wood. With a pair of scissors and paper, a corset is constructed, a rib cage is made, armor fashioned, woven with warp and weft into a synthesis of color, pattern, decorative trim, ornamentation, frippery, and finery. My work is a potent diversion and coverup, a decorative camouflage, like a bird’s plumage enticing its admirers to take a closer look.


Lanie Gannon is a Nashville-based artist, who after many years, is still experimenting with interpretations of the fundamentals of art. Using paper and paint she constructs and shapes objects. She aims to push paper from its naturally flat surface, into a more structural and spatial plane with a tangible presence.

Recently, Lanie immersed herself in residency as a Windgate Distinguished Fellow at the Hambidge Center and as a Fellow at the Virginia Center for Creative Arts. She also created work from morning until late at night without interruption as a visiting artist at The American Academy in Rome. Lanie is a recipient of the National Endowment for the Arts, Visual Artist Fellowship, the Tennessee Arts Commission/Owens-Corning Visual Arts Fellowship, and the Tennessee Arts Commission Individual Artist Fellowship. Lanie taught sculpture for 18 years at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, and was a founding member of the Nashville Lost Boys of Sudan Foundation. She discovered a niche, as well, within the world of public art. She designs and fabricates art installations for children’s hospitals and schools. 

Lanie wrote and published two books, Nom de Plume, a book of drawings, and Book of Ruby, a story with illustrations, published with funding from the Tennessee State Museum. Her work is included in, Scratching the Surface, Art and Content in Contemporary Wood, Guild Publishing, and The Penland Book of Woodworking, Lark Books.

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