Francesco Lo Castro

Miami, FL


My work examines the underlying nodes that make up physical reality through the use of historically grounding visual elements, reminiscent of Italian Futurism, 1980’s analog computer graphics, Finish Fetish, and Art Deco color palettes.

At its center lies a drive to recollect and arrest memories, as well as a future-forward aesthetic that dares to question the boundaries of biology and technology, the physical and the virtual, charting a holistic, common space within the increasingly fluid boundaries that are shaping contemporary culture.

A heightened sense of dimension and depth emerges through the use of unorthodox painting techniques that involve the intricate layering of pigment and plastics. What at first glance appears to be the result of countless hours spent with graphic design software is revealed upon closer examination to be meticulously handcrafted combinations of media, including acrylic, spray enamel, stone, and epoxies, applied on varied surfaces. Dense with movement while deliberately balancing explosiveness and strict order, vibrancy, and dreaminess, power and release, a delicate and soothing broader vision emerges, summoning an oeuvre of subtle focus on healthcare and restoration.


Francesco Lo Castro was born in Catania, Italy in 1976, raised in Germany, and transplanted to South Florida during high school, where he became immersed in the local graffiti and punk/hardcore music scenes of the early 90’s. Fueled by a strong family-instilled work ethic and the do-it- yourself attitude of the underground youth movement, he quickly found a foothold in the Arts as a prolific painter and independent curator. He’s the founder of Pop Art Studios, a creative services agency and launch pad for all projects under the ‘LOCASTRO’ moniker. 

In 2006, he curated the Art Basel week Exhibition at the Art Center/ South Florida, Miami Beach, which marked the first New Contemporary showcase to be sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts, and with over 40,000 visitors set the institution’s highest attendance record to date. He is also co-founder of the 2008 VANGUARD Art Fair, which merged with AQUA Art Fair in 2009, establishing the first expo of its kind to emphasize emerging trends in specific New Contemporary movements of the time. 

Lo Castro’s work has been exhibited internationally and featured in numerous publications.  He is listed among the creatives that helped forge the South Florida art community in the definitive books ‘Miami Contemporary Artists,’ released by Schiffer Publishing in 2007, and ‘100+ Degrees In The Shade: A Survey of South Florida Art,’ released by [NAME] publications in 2015.  A book of collected works titled ‘First Principles’ is slated for 2022 release.

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