Rooftop Winter Igloos

it's gonna be a rock'n'roll winter


The igloos are officially back at the Rooftop Lounge for the winter, and Bobby’s ready to make it a season to remember.

Seatings for up to 5 folks are available on Thursdays 5pm and 7pm, Friday & Saturday nights, 5 pm, 7pm, and 9 pm.

A heated cabin is available for up to 8 folks.

To make a reservation and get more information, email the crew now at

Kick back, savor the adventure.

Bobby knows how to throw a party. Stay up to date on all the latest happenings.

  1. Linger for Longer

    The longer you linger the more you'll save

  2. Private Celebrations

  3. Rooftop Winter Igloos

    It's gonna be a rock'n'roll winter. Click to learn more.

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