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In my artistic practice, I navigate the roles of the Visionary, Poet, Technician, and Admin, intertwining these roles to create a synthesis of creativity and expression.

As Visionary, I seek truths beyond the physical realm, embracing paradox, revelation, grace, guidance, and laughter in my pursuit of understanding the world around me.

As Poet, I transform the static of our reality into verbal and visual languages, pitch-shifting tones and harmonies, dressing up, and satirizing postures.

As Technician, I manifest words and ideas into tangible forms, experimenting with tools, forms, and processes, in
service of progress and novelty.

At the heart of my artistic journey lies the noble Admin, the core and center stage of the process. The Admin connects, orchestrates, and embodies the essence of creation, seamlessly weaving the threads together in a harmonious dance of emails, blogs and grant applications.


Dave Greber (b. 1982, Philadelphia) is an artist, educator, and consultant, based in Baltimore. He creates experiences situated for the blockchain, gallery and wider public arena, manifested through digital media, sculptural installation, and social/environmental interventions. His practice is enthusiastically intuitive and aided by divination and collaboration with fellow biological and artificial intelligence.

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