New Orleans, LA


D-TAG is well known for his photographic series of political commentary as told through folded paper currency.. He addresses the issues of our day by rendering visual equivalents in this most influential medium. Installations, photography and artistic activism are his means of confronting and responding to the concerns of today’s world.

“The many nuances associated with the dollar bill serve as an unrelenting source of inspiration for me as I fold the monetary engravings obsessively to reveal messages.  These manipulated promissory notes take on new meanings as the messages are realized in the ready-made light of the U.S. currency. At the very core of this fiscal narrative is the tug-of-war between politics and the pursuit of happiness. This photo series offers a moment of reflection to further consider the good, bad, and the ugly potential of a monetary centric world.”       D-TAG


D-TAG is a photographer based in New Orleans. He is well known for thoughtful and often political portraits of folded paper currency creating visual riddles and social commentary. He shows nationally and internationally and can be found in prestigious collections including Whitney Museum of Art, New Orleans Museum of Art, The Speed Museum of Art, Luciano Benetton Collection, Frederick R. Weisman Foundation, West Collection, Ogden Museum of Southern Art, and J House. D-TAG’s photographs have been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, Neon Magazine (Munich), Mondo Magazine (Venezuela), Frieze Magazine, The Washington Post, and was included in the acclaimed book “For Which It Stands: Americana in Contemporary Art,”curated by Carla Sakamoto.  He has created high profile commissions for Help USA, Talib Kweli, and Neil Barrett fashion.

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