Alyss Estay

Los Angeles, CA


My work begins as an intangible feeling, a feeling that is always familiar yet I can never satisfyingly describe. This feeling is a thread that is woven throughout our history, environments, and senses. The thread is at once time and energy connecting one point of view to another. My work represents a reckoning with my reality while recognizing the multitude of connections to history, memory, current events, isolation, anxiety—and so on—within each piece. The imagery I choose to portray my reckoning with can range from specific events to vague experiences. As well, my references to the imagery oscillate between photographs personally taken by me and my imagination.

Whether specific or vague, photographic or imaginative, my hope is to imbue the work with certain physical senses akin to this familiar unfamiliar feeling. What comes to mind is a high note ringing in the ears, the ambient and complex sustained tone, or the deafening quality of silence, stillness, a flash photograph, a moment in time, a pondering.


Alyss Estay is an artist born in the greater Los Angeles area to immigrant parents. She was raised on the outskirts of both Sacramento and Los Angeles. She attended and received her BFA in Printmaking at AAU in San Francisco. She now resides in Los Angeles and continues to make paintings in her home studio.

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