Artist Profile: Get to Know Melodie Provenzano

Melodie Provenzano

Painter of hyper-realistic objects

Favorite Nashville spots:
Red Arrow Gallery and Tinney Contemporary

In 2020 painter Provenzano exhibited Seeing Oneself in Others, her show of hyper-realistic paintings of other artists’ sculptures, which she says is one of her favorite shows of her career.

Provenzano lives in a rural area outside of Nashville, having moved with her family from New York during the pandemic. After several years of laying low, she’s now getting to know Nashville. Part of that process is launching another Seeing Oneself in Others-style show, this time at the University School of Nashville (USN). Provenzano is painting images of school-students’ sculptures which will open in September 2023. “I am really happy to share these artworks with the students,” she says.

Provenzano listens to a lot of Buddhist Dharma talks as she works and is drawn to the ideas of caring for community and feeling interconnected to one another. “I would not be able to eat food if others did not grow it.

“Making art can be isolating,” Provenzano says, so painting three-dimensional objects that others created is one of the ways she combats that. “I do not like to paint flat things. Sculptures are little still lives and the artists were open to me borrowing their sculptures.”

In addition to the USN show, Provenzano has been featured in the BASH art exhibit at the Bobby hotel, curated by Joshua Edward Bennett, gallery manager of Nashville’s Tinney Contemporary. BASH, in honor of the Bobby’s fifth birthday, was an exhibit of colorful, dynamic work, an exhibition as a birthday party. It is on view through September 3, 2023.

“I think it is genius,” Provenzano says about, not just BASH, but The Collection, the ongoing Bobby visual art program. “Life is all about change. Nothing stays the same. Why not have artwork that keeps having the viewer coming back? The more art the better.”

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